Terms & Conditions


I understand that my participation and/or involvement in Florida Singles Events and/or Florida Couples Events carries with it the potential for certain risks, some of which may not be reasonably foreseeable. I further acknowledge that these risks could cause me, or others around me, harm, including, but not limited to, bodily injury, damage to property, emotional distress, or death. I am a willing participant in Florida Singles Events and/or Florida Couples Events. I acknowledge that Florida Singles Events and Florida Couples Events not dating or matchmaking services and no background checks or investigations have been done by Florida Singles Events or Florida Couples Events into any participant attending events or programs held by Florida Singles Events or Florida Couples Events. By registering for updates and attending these events, I agree to release, indemnify, and hold harmless Florida Singles Events and Florida Couples Events, as well as all their employees, agents, representatives, successors, etc. from all losses, claims, theft, demands, liabilities, causes of action, or expenses, known or unknown, arising out of my participation in and attendance at any Florida Singles Events and Florida Couples Events and programs. 

I understand that there will be photos, videos and testimonials taken during the events.  By having my photo taken at events, I understand that these photos can be used for marketing and promotional purposes on the website and various social media outlets.