Couples Concealed Carry Course With Range Time & Grill Party

Join us for a Couples Concealed Carry Training & Shooting Event

Trainer: Steve Hedrick

Date: Saturday, February 25, 2017                             

Time: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM                                                              

Location: St Lucie Shooting Center                                         

490 NW Concourse Place, St Lucie West

             Includes:  ** 2 Hour Certification Course

                                 ** Range Time for Practice

                                 ** Grill Party on the Patio

              Only $125.00 Per Couple                                               

State Fees and Additional Permit Fees Not Included

** Limited to 15 Couples –  Tickets Must Be Purchased in Advance **  Waivers and Important Information can be found on the Facebook Event Page – Gun Rentals are available at the range for those couples who do not own a gun.  RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE – click HERE to make your reservation today 🙂 

Information for Firearms Event:

No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be permitted to handle firearms
Please come with an open mind and willing to learn
If you are bringing your own firearm it must be unloaded
Firearms can be rented for $5 per per couple – ammo and targets must be purchased on
site for a reduced price for rental guns.
You will learn safety, fundamentals and what it takes to survive a lethal encounter.
You will receive a certificate that qualifies you for your CCW license.
You will receive CCW packet with laws and application, which will be gone over in class

Instructor Information: